Superior & Flexible Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning

We Offer Elite Janitorial Cleaning Services For Your Business

Is your commercial property almost complete? Or are you looking for a contractual janitorial service? At Elite Service Solutions, we can come to you for superior interior and exterior cleaning services. We ensure cleanliness, quality, and exceptional customer service for all of our customers, with flexible contracts to suit you. Our family-run business is based in Largo, Florida but serves business across the West Florida area.

Keeping Your Business Clean Couldn't Be Easier

We offer hassle-free janitorial services to businesses in West Florida

If people are coming in and out of your commercial building on a regular basis, it will get dirty quickly. One of the best solutions is to hire Elite Service Solutions for daily janitorial services in West Florida. We can visit your property outside of normal business hours so as not to get in your way, and we'll take our time to clean every part of the building.

Call today to discuss your options for contract janitorial services.

Expert Janitorial Services

Elite, Out-Of-Hours Cleaning Services

Our janitorial services cover a closing time cleaner or a pre-opening refresh. We come when you want us, for discreet and elite cleaning out of hours. We’ll ensure that you have a spotless space during daily business operations. Our contracted cleaning services allow you to outsource building sanitation to a qualified expert. You’ll never know we’re there, and every morning or evening, you’ll have the benefit of a beautiful building.

From Construction To Commercial Cleaning

We Can Help With Your Business Launch, Then Keep It Spotless Forever

At Elite Service Solutions, we have comprehensive cleaning and janitorial services. This means that we can take your space from post-construction deep cleaning and business launch, through to daily janitorial services. We’re proud to see many new business launches each year and then continue to see them grow in West Florida. A spotless space can help boost your business growth and foster repeat customers.

Doing what it takes to keep your space clean

Finding a great janitorial service isn't always easy, but business owners and building managers in West Florida don't have to look any further than Elite Service Solutions.

Commitment To Quality

Elite Service Solutions Keeps Your Building Beautiful

With our daily janitorial services, we will provide you with:


We clean every inch of your building. It’s not in our nature to miss anything, so you can feel confident that every day your building gets a deep clean.


All of our cleanliness experts have decades of experience in interior and exterior cleaning services. Whether it’s dirty paving or mold in the conference room, we’ll be able to apply our expertise in cleaning products and techniques to fix the issue.


We pride ourselves on quality throughout our processes. As a family business we deliver exceptional customer service, cleaning, and security for your building. We wipe down walls, take out trash, and power wash flooring for a flawless finish every time.


We adapt contracts to suit you. Whether it's a one-off, daily or weekly visit, our commercial cleaning services can help you achieve your cleanliness goals.


When you outsource your commercial cleaning to us, you can save time and redirect this into business critical tasks.

Hassle-Free Janitorial Management

Save On Janitorial Costing With Our Hassle-Free Contracts

When you hire an internal janitor, you might worry about their management and financial costs. If you’re regularly contracting commercial services, you might worry about who you get for each clean. With Elite Service Solutions, you get a group of familiar, reputable, and qualified janitors who will be dedicated to your commercial space. People you can trust with one flexible contract with Elite Service Solutions.

We can help you give your business a flawless finish with every clean. Contact us to find out more about our Janitorial Services.

When you hire us, we will:


Clean your building every night after closing or every morning before opening


Take our time to make sure you have the best quality and detailed janitorial services. Including wiping down walls, taking out the trash, cleaning floors, etc.


Write up a custom contract for you so you'll only pay for what you need

Feel free to contact us at your convenience to learn more about our contract janitorial services.