How to Perform a Walkthrough and Create Post-construction Clean-up Bids!

It is important to walk through the job before bidding, especially in the commercial sector. This article will explain how companies price this type of work, what tools you should bring, what you should look for, and how to submit bids.

Commercial cleaning is a field where you’ll be bidding on places that aren’t even walked in yet. Post-construction cleaning is a service that’s required at the end of any major construction project.

Your job as cleaning services for post-construction is to clean up all the loose ends and prepare the site to be revealed to the owner. It is a very important job and if done correctly, it will help you stand out from the competition.


Getting Started

You need to be efficient, precise, and thorough when performing a walkthrough of the post-construction cleaning. You can check your work mentally if you remember these three things using the acronym PET. We’ll break down these qualities to see how important they are to your post-construction cleaning process.

The Following Are Some of the Most Effective Ways to Increase Your Effectiveness:

To maintain your reputation as a commercial cleaner, you must be precise. It is important to record as many details as possible during your first walkthrough with a prospect. You will tour the site with your client and gather details similar to a commercial cleaning bid.

Tools like Route’s Walkingthrough Builder(tm), can be very helpful. Route’s digital workflow lets you take notes on the location and use real-world performance information to estimate the amount of time and money you will need to complete the project. Apps for post-construction cleaning walkthroughs can help you be more precise with your services, as they provide more data than you could capture manually.

You should take accurate notes of each room, and the mess that needs to be cleaned by the builder, and then create the most accurate bids for post-construction clean-up.

also you may want to bring a pencil, a notebook, an eraser, and a camera to take photos. You won’t have to bring your cleaning supplies until you formulate the bid, and you are your company’s most valuable tool; you know the business best and can assess the work.

The Efficiency

Cleaning contractors should strive to be efficient in their post-construction cleaning services walkthrough. However, this can be challenging if there are large sites or a lot of construction debris.

You can be more efficient if you prepare in advance. Make sure that you have all the information you need at hand and have compared the costs and time spent by other commercial cleaners to complete the same task.

It is a good reason to invest in Route. This platform provides real-time information on the performance of thousands of cleaning companies and their job sites. Route will not only improve your walkthrough efficiency, but it will also allow you to create better and faster bids.

You want to be able to do your job quickly as well as efficiently. Use the software tools to help you stand out with your service and speed.


If you want to be known as the best cleaning service for post-construction, then you must be thorough. Create a checklist that you can carry from one site to another. The checklist should include all of the main cleaning goals plus extra space for notes. Here is an example of a checklist for cleaning construction sites.

Checklist for Post-Construction Cleaning

  • Cleaning the walls is important.
  • Remove the trim and baseboards from your windows.
  • All windows and glass should be cleaned.
  • Dust all surfaces, including ceiling fans and fans.
  • If necessary, check and replace all lightbulbs.
  • You can sweep, mop, and polish hard floors.
  • Vacuum up all carpets.
  • Remove all the trash.

Entry and Exit

  • Sweep the porches and clean them.
  • Replace any exterior lighting that needs to be cleaned.
  • All thresholds should be swept.
  • Remove dirt and debris from the driveway by washing it carefully.

Specific Rooms

  • Keep your kitchen and bathroom countertops and backsplashes clean.
  • Clean toilets.
  • All appliances should be cleaned inside and outside.
  • Cleaning the drawers and cabinets.
  • All mirrors should be cleaned.
  • All debris should be removed.
  • All closets should be cleaned.


  • Removing any construction debris outside.
  • Empty the trash cans.
  • If you have a garage in your home, clean it.
  • Before leaving, make sure that all the doors are locked.

Don’t cut corners in any area. You should still consider each of these items when you do your walkthrough, even if you’ve not yet made a bid. All of these tasks will be performed by the commercial cleaner.

Asking questions to the prospect during the walkthrough will give you an idea of their expectations from a commercially licensed cleaner.

You’re trying to sell yourself as a solution for the client’s cleaning requirements after construction. Even the most experienced contractors will not have the same level of skill and knowledge as you in the cleaning services industry. Consider every bid an opportunity to showcase your cleaning services.

This list isn’t exhaustive, and it is meant only to serve as a guide. Some proposals will require the same checklist, but most will include at least the above tasks.

As a Post-construction Cleaner, You Should Prioritize Your Health.

As you walk through your bid for post-construction cleaning, consider some risks. These factors could impact your health, the cost of labor, or even how you formulate your bid.

The Dust

Dust is the first risk that you should consider. The Dust particles from post-construction could have a significant impact on your hourly rate.

Dust particles can irritate the mucous membranes and lungs. When you’re on the construction site to get a bid, be careful and wear protective gear. You’ll probably encounter drywall, sheetrock, and concrete. Sawdust is another substrate that can irritate.

Consider how much dirt and dust you saw during the walkthrough. You may have to repeat some tasks if the area is very dirty. In this case, you should factor in the risks of working in dusty conditions into your estimate.

You’ll want to focus on cleaning certain areas.

  • Carpets and Upholstery are the main sources of construction dust. You may need to vacuum several times to get a good job.
  • Windows and Fans: Do not forget to clean the blades and frames of all ceiling fans. Detail-oriented service will be a mark of distinction for you.
  • Air Vents – This area is often overlooked but it’s crucial for eliminating dust in the entire space. Remove all covers from air vents, and wash in warm soapy water. Replace any exposed air filters prior to replacing the vents.


Debris is the second factor. It is important to consider this when you are performing a janitorial walkthrough. However, it is even more critical for new construction cleaning because you may be picking up debris that you would not normally handle in a commercial setting.

Note the amount of freestanding debris and its material. These notes can be saved and organized easily in Route’s walkthrough builder(tm). You’ll want to think about how heavy waste pieces will impact your ability to clean and the amount of time it will take.

When it comes to post-construction bids, a good rule to remember is that you should not just focus on the size of your space but also the amount of effort required to complete the project.


After you’ve finished your walkthrough, it’s now time to create your estimate. What is the cost of post-construction cleaning? We’ll help you get started.

You can quickly create an estimator. This type of workflow solution can improve your business model.

It allows you to respond to your prospects faster. You can also provide more accurate bids with Estimator. You’ll create a proposal from a template in seconds. This could save you hours of paperwork at the office.

As a post-construction cleaner, going digital is the fastest and most efficient way to manage all of your contracts and accounts. Let’s take the process a step further.

The Walkthrough is Wrapped Up

It takes a lot of practice to become a master at performing a post-construction cleaning bid walkthrough. However, any commercial cleaner who is motivated can learn how to do it.

Be mindful of the various surfaces that you will need to clean, and the tools needed to do the job. It’s different from commercial cleaning because it is done to prepare for the “big reveal” and often there are hazardous materials that need to be removed.

Create a list of everything that needs to be cleaned. Pay attention to the number of items in each room. You can improve your workflow by using a data-driven application to guide you through your post-construction cleaning. Remember the acronym PET – Precision, Efficient, Thoroughness.

Use real-world data to come up with a bid that is accurate. How well you understand your own business and what you can learn from other businesses in the same field will determine the price you set. 

These post-construction cleaning tips will help you kickstart your bids and grow your business into that finishing touch that every owner or builder wants to give them a fresh start in their new location.

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