A Post Construction Cleaning: What is it?

Construction Cleaning: How Does it Work?

If you’ve just built your home or are a contractor that has recently completed a construction project know that cleaning up after construction is an important step. It involves cleaning up the site to make it safe and habitable.

Why Is It Necessary to Clean Up a Construction Site After?

Some reasons are:

  • You may have to correct your expectations if you expect your house or room to appear spiky-spanky immediately after construction. The debris from these projects can include paint stains, sawdust and other waste. These things can be hazardous to your health and your pets and children if you don’t take care of them on time.

It is important to clean up the area after construction in order to prevent damage.

  • You’ve probably seen contractors using chemicals like paints and adhesives in your construction project. You can’t have these substances in your home because they are dangerous. For them to be eliminated, you will need to do a thorough clean.
  • Why would anyone want to live in an area that smells like paint, polish and other chemicals? You should deep clean the area to eliminate these unwanted post construction odors.

In Order to Complete a Construction Cleanup or Construction Cleaning

There are a few tasks that must be completed. All the walls, for example, should be thoroughly cleaned without any paint marks or smudges. After the project is completed, remove any plastic stickers from furniture, curtains or doors.

Other tasks performed during a cleaning session after construction may include:

  • Power Washing of frames and Windows
  • Dusting fans and lights in detail
  • Polishing floors
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Threshold cleaning
  • Garbage and debris disposal
  • Cleaning appliances thoroughly from the inside out
  • Trim cleaning
  • Scraping
  • Cleaning tile joints
  • Wet floor cleaning

What Are the 3 Phases of Post Construction Cleaning?

The cleaning tasks are carried out separately. Each task is completed in three phases to give it the importance that it deserves.

#1: Rough Cleaning

The first step in post-construction cleaning is to remove debris and dust. The cleaners will use basic tools to clean the area after thoroughly inspecting all corners.

After your contractor has completed the necessary plumbing, electrical and installation tasks, you will always be required to perform a rough cleaning.

Start by removing large items you cannot vacuum. These items usually contain debris, wires and trash.

The professionals will then perform a general vacuuming and sweeping. The hired cleaners make sure to clean all surfaces, including sliding doors and windows. The cleaners will also remove stickers that were placed on furniture or other items to protect them.

#2 -Light Cleaning

All professional cleaners proceed to the phase of light cleaning after rough cleaning. This stage requires the most attention, despite the name. This stage also takes longer and requires advanced tools and equipment to do a perfect job.

Professionals try to cover all areas of the kitchen and bedrooms in detail. The professionals also clean windows, sinks, cabinets, toilets and cupboards using high-quality cleaning products.

A special attention is also paid to areas that have stickers removed, like glass windows or doors.

Usually, people hire professionals to do post-construction work. Light cleaning is difficult for a layperson who has limited time, products and tools.

It is a good idea to hire professional cleaning services.

#3 – Touch Up Cleaning

The third phase of the 3 phases of cleaning after construction, dubbed “Touch-up Cleanup”, has finally arrived. What can you expect from this phase?

Touch-up cleaning is usually performed by professionals five to seven working days after light cleaning. During this time, they can find out where the most dust is. They then put all their efforts in those areas to achieve the desired level of cleanliness.

The most common things that are cleaned by cleaners are fingerprints, smudges or dust particles.

Cleaners will also vacuum carpets and mop floors once more, as well as tidy your garage.

This stage is all about giving your site the finishing touches. Before completing their work, the experts check every corner and nook for any imperfections.

You may need to wait a while for satisfactory results if you choose high-quality cleaning services after construction. Some of you might consider doing the work yourself, with a few friends.

This is not recommended. Here are some reasons why you should hire professional cleaners.

Why Hire Construction Cleaning Services After?

It takes a lot of time and effort to complete the 3 phases. This requires a lot of time and skill. This type of cleaning is only suitable for professionals.

Here are some more reasons why you should hire a professional.

  • Professional cleaners are equipped with all the necessary tools to handle paint, chemicals, and garbage. They can perform this type of detailed cleaning flawlessly. When you hire them, you don’t need to worry about stains and trash that have been left out.
  • Cleaning services employ cleaners who have extensive experience in cleaning after construction. It is easier for them to complete their work within a given deadline.
  • Avoid health risks such as respiratory problems by letting the professionals handle your chemical work.
  • Good cleaning services don’t waste time. They do inspections and finish their work as quickly as possible. It is easy to move into your new home on the date you want.

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